our sophisticated and traditional line of high grade specialty coffee, focusing on a clean and tasty cup.

origin series coffees offer seasonally changing single origin beans from our selected farmers from all across the world. if you like to keep it classy, this one's for you.

extensive farmer bonus included.

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* right now - #2 drop *

limited & first come, first served. 

looking for a coffee that isn't shy, but likes to "stand out from the crowd"?

a new line of highly limited & rare single origin lots delivering a unique experience of flavors. if the coffee makes it to our line of standouts, it simply means that there is something superior about the taste.

all drops are curated and selected by experienced coffee professionals and always rated 90+.

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a wide selection of brewing utensils & equipment for the everyday coffee fix.

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check out the 1st collection of our long awaited kam kam coffee t-shirts.

stay tuned for the launch of our k.k.c. coffee mug and the upcoming line of new & refreshing t-shirt designs.

cool brand, cool looks. :)

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  1. 'en kafo ni fidas'? what does it even mean?

    a glimpse of history and the idea behind our slogan "esperanto was invented in 1887 by an ophthalmologist, who hoped his creation would bring abou...

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highly confidential :) more info will be provided closer to our 1st release.