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hi! i am kam, the founder of the brand you chose to find out more about. although always having the urge to find a nice coffee shop and enjoy a book over a good cup of coffee, it was the change of job, becoming a flight attendant many years back, that enabled me to travel and with every additional country, explore the drinking habits, the different brewing methods and the vast variety of coffee beans our world has to offer. 
 kam kam early beginnings
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i considered myself a simple coffee geek until i spontaneously decided to sign up for a barista course on one of my travels to melbourne back in 2018. it was one of those rare life changing experiences where afterwards you knew that you've just found your calling and it was on that day when the curiosity about the journey from bean to cup took over my daily life.
a natural desire to dig deeper into harvesting and crop processing methods, sensory, roasting and the science behind coffee preparation developed over time and with my job, i had the perfect opportunity to fly from a to z ("literally") to learn more about the different 'crop to cup' traditions around the globe.
while enjoying my cheerful life as a traveler and daydreaming of opening up my own little coffee shop in the distant future, it was during the time spent inside an airplane when i coincidentally stumbled upon an interesting and scientifically proven fact that i was determined to challenge. (bare with me on this one, as i'd like to keep it a surprise)
that’s when the idea came up to start a small batch specialty coffee brand with an unconventional concept of offering limited single origin lots and unique blends. simply the right coffee, for the right moment.
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