about kam kam coffee

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 brand mindset

street culture x specialty coffee

our kam kam coffee team embraces life with a positive mindset.
keeping an open mind towards the unknown and natural curiosity is what leads us to walk new paths.
we like staying creative in our approach to specialty coffee and want to set trends in the way we connect with people.
love for street art, music and fashion is part of our soul. we enjoy being active and staying fit, physically & mentally.  ...and guess what?
...you're right... all of us appreciate a delicious cup of coffee. this is what brought us together and this passion will always be the driving force to constantly evolve and improve our coffee game.
 en kafo ni fidas  -  in coffee we trust
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 brand mission

proudly crafted in dubai, our mission is to provide highest quality beans in small and selected batches for every coffee loving household. easy accessed online and delivered right to your doorstep. always freshly roasted is our premise and promise.
we are eliminating unnecessary steps in the coffee supply chain in order to be able to pay a higher price to the people that deserve it the most, our coffee farmers & their families.
having said that, we are very aware that the whole industry rises and falls with the hard work being done by coffee farmers around the world. therefore it is essential for us to educate our community about the coffee journey 'from crop to cup', so we can join forces and give back collectively. 



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 why the stork ?

childhood memories. as simple as that :)

growing up in the same region as this majestic bird made one look up to it.

although the stork is massive and can be physically intimidating, its spiritual values are much more uplifting and positive. birth and new life is what mostly comes into someone's mind when a stork crosses their path, but it also represents fidelity, provision, endurance and creativity.

the stork carries new ideas and inspires you to take on new ventures.

the stork moves through both air and water calmly, peacefully and with grace, teaching us how to activate our own sense of balance in order to move through life similarly.