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flavor profile:
caramel, walnuts and strawberry
with a medium-heavy body and a dry finish. 
roast profile:
medium (suitable for automatic machines & espresso)

origin: brazil

region: south of minas

altitude: 1000-1200m

farmer: donas do cafe, fazenda canta galo / vale de cerrado

varietal: various sc16 up

process: pulped natural

donas do cafedonas do cafe farmerdonas do cafe farmer

the donas do cafe program, aka "women of coffee," is turning up the heat in brazil's specialty coffee world. this smc initiative uplifts female entrepreneurs and spreads the word on all things specialty coffee. as more women dominate coffee farming, the demand for their beans is brewing up a storm.


donas do cafe launched in 2020 and is a shining example of this trend. with their own brand and project, the future of brazil's specialty coffee industry looks as bold as a double espresso shot!


one of the coolest things about this project is the donas do cafe lot, mixing coffee from two ladies' farms: fazenda canto galo, owned by andreia oliveira, and fazenda vale do cerrado, owned by idivane araujo.

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