• ethiopia "gori gesha mountain"
  • ethiopia "gori gesha mountain"

    ethiopia "gori gesha mountain"

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    flavor profile:
    intense red berries, dried apricot and distinctive floral notes
    with a medium body and a long lasting finish. 

    roast profile:
    light  (suitable for filter & manual brewing)

    origin: ethiopia

    region: gori gesha mountain

    altitude: 1750m

    farmer: yohannes samuel

    varietal: geisha

    process: natural

    gori gesha mountain farmgori gesha mountain picker

    in 2010 yohannes samuel embarked on an ambitious expedition to rediscover the original source of the renowned geisha variety. fast forward to 2018 he has successfully cultivated 500 hectares with the indigenous to its land crop. 


    introducing ethiopia gori gesha mountain, a coffee harvested from one of the world’s largest natural geisha plantations of totaling 600 hectares of pristine land. cultivated with love and commitment to preserve the ecosystem, this chemically free and fertilizer free coffee is just extraordinary. 


    yohannes inspiring expedition to find the original source of the gesha variety couldn’t have ended any better. brew and taste our meticulously roasted filter roast and see for yourself what his love for the land and their tribe has yielded.